Split Fishing Charters

Up to 4 people  – Sold by the seat!

Miss Penny prides itself on being the industry leader in the cost-effective split charter (shared charter) option to go deep-sea fishing in Islamorada.


Split charters are offered in 8- and 6-hour trips. Each charter is designed around the species you want to target. Mahi-Mahi charters require a full day, considering they are mostly found in the Gulfstream, 10+ miles offshore.


You will fish in comfort, on an air-conditioned 43-foot Tiara Express equipped with all the modern facilities. We provide ice, bottled water, bait, fishing licenses, fishing gear, and chum to our valued customers.


At the end of the charter, the Miss Penny crew will clean all the fish caught by the day’s clients.


It is the Miss Penny crew’s experience that limiting the number of anglers to no more than four creates the best result for each individual. Although we hold a United States Coast Guard license for as many as six passengers, four anglers seem to be the magic number for everyone to get enough reel time and plenty of fish to take home.


If unable to fill the split date you select, we will offer you options: reschedule to another date, renegotiate the fee, or refund your payment. We believe in striving for 100% customer satisfaction and have the highest success rate in the market filling split charters.


Each time a split charter is selected, it is publicly visible in real time on our website calendar. You can find scheduled split charters by clicking the date you are interested in where you will see “1 left,” “2 left,” or “3 left.” The staff at Robbie’s Marina also is notified automatically via email so that they also are able to assist. Social media posts are created on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc.


There is no guarantee to go fishing on a split charter unless the split has been completely filled. If a private charter reserves the same day and time before the split charter is filled, the private charter will supersede the split, and you will be issued a full refund.